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    The PartnerReady Foundation is dedicated to supporting the growth and career development of partner professionals around the globe through a series of initiatives designed to uplevel the ability, connectivity and education in the profession.

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It takes a village to support each individual in the community.

Our Story

The PartnerReady Foundation is a dream and vision fulfilled.   

The co-founders of PartnerReady are both alumnus of Salesforce.   They had the opportunity to live and witness the charitable nature of Salesforce's Ohana culture, and they firmly  believe in Marc Benioff’s vision of a philanthropic 1-1-1 Model.    Now as company owners themselves, they had the opportunity to put their beliefs in action and did so in 2020  by committing to the Pledge 1% movement.   Pledge 1% was created through a partnership of Salesforce, Atlassian, and Rally to help companies adopt and carry out the 1-1-1 model.  PartnerReady has now joined thousands of companies that likewise have made the pledge.

The PartnerReady Foundation was created as a separate non-profit corporation chartered specifically to be the steward of PartnerReady's 1% pledge.   PartnerReady has committed to  contribute 1% of its time, 1% of its services, and 1% of its profits to benefit communities around the organization.   In PartnerReady's case there was a strong desire by the founders to give back to the partnership community and profession that has been so nurturing in their careers.   Early initiatives will be focused on different aspects of this mission.   

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What We Do

The PartnerReady Foundation has several key mandates.   As the steward of PartnerReady's Pledge 1% commitment, we undertake the following:

  • support the advancement of partnerships/alliances as a profession through educations, mentorship, internships, and learning opportunities.
  • advocate for individual partner professionals to help guide towards learning and networking opportunities.

  • provide personal mentorship and guidance of young, up & coming professionals to help advance their careers.

  • help individuals find meaningful employment opportunities through our ability to leverage our network within the technology communities globally.

  • partner alongside other organizations to donate our time towards worthwhile community activities around the globe.

To learn more about the activities of the PartnerReady Foundation, to stay up to speed on the Foundation’s activities, or to find opportunities to volunteer your time, please sign-up for our newsletter.


The PartnerReady Foundation's first major initiative is the launch of PartnerProfessional.org, an independent industry portal for the partner professional.   The goal of PartnerProfessional.org is to become the definitive, single place where partner professionals can find everything they need to do his/her job, and to help advance his/her career.  This portal is completely neutral.  Proceeds to run the site are paid for by a grant from this foundation and  the portal will not take membership or advertising fees from any parties in order to maintain its neutrality.   

Foundation Team

Yvonne Soto Benjamin

Foundation Director

Randy White

Marketing & Development

About PartnerReady

PartnerReady is revolutionizing the way technology companies and service providers build partner programs and strategies.  PartnerReady offers clients the ability to bring in experienced executive talent as an extension of a leadership team in order to build or fix partner programs, but do so a budget friendly pricing using its "Fractional Partner Leader" model.   PartnerReady currently has experienced partner leaders in North America and Europe.

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